Championing the Green Movement
Visual Design

Encouraging green behaviors and sustainability amongst the staff is the primary goal of the UNICEF Eco-Efficiency Team. To generate awareness, we launched 2 campaigns: Eco Tips and Bring Your Own Reusables.

Client  UNICEF New York Headquarters
 Illustrations, Animation, Campaign Assets
Time Frame  6-Month Internship

1. Eco Tips

Inspired by a popular Instagram account we created a series of tips that staff could reference in order to be more sustainable in the office and at home.

The tips first launch on the company's online platform, before we introduce them around the office. They are sorted out by categories: Paper, Energy, Water, Plastic, Food Waste, Air Quality, Other, and Holiday.

Earth Mascot

Our planet doesn't need us to survive — but we need it. The mascot is the office's daily reminder to be mindful of their actions.

02. Bring Your Own Reusables

We encouraged staff to bring their own containers by highlighting those who brought their own. The following table cards were created after we held a small photoshoot. Each photo was a staff member's pledge to reduce their carbon footprint.

"How to Have a Zero-Waste Lunch" was created in collaboration with Stephanie Lawlor.

Design Intern: Ashley Aviles
Design Intern: 
Rebecca Estrella
Green Team:
Heidy M., Suchitra S., Corina G., William A.

My role: research, poll monitoring, concept, design & videos

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Art Direction & Design