The Public

Reminding people that theater understands them
Art Direction, Integrated Campaign

No one is alone. The Public Theater recognizes the human condition by incorporating meaningful messages into every production. Your story is heard and shared.

Client  The Public Theater
Solution  Express how The Public is here for you.

01. Print

The designs were inspired by old theater posters. P. Humana and P. Humano are hand drawn typefaces, made by me, designed to reflect human imperfection.

02. AR Coasters

During intermission, pick up a set of these coasters and enjoy a drink. Scan them to reveal uplifting quotes by theater influencers.

03. Social & Experiential

Share your stories on social media and see them appear across the theater's properties around the city.

What I Learned

Articulating the immense impact that theater has on us was not straightforward. This labor of love underwent hours of writing, re-writing, and editing to reach this point. Thank you.

Art Director: Ashley Aviles

Role: concept, design, copy, everything

Ashley Aviles