The Women's Hike

The North Face x The Women's March

In 2017, women made it clear that women's rights are human rights. Next year, the focus of our protests is protection of the Earth. Onwards we hike!

Role: Art Direction, Copy

Along the trails, there will be plaques which highlight some of today's influential women and how they take a stance on climate change.

The founding fathers change into pioneering women, making Mt. Rushmore: Miss Rushmore

The Women's Hike will be promoted both as OOH and through climate change ambassadors

Participants can sign up for the hike in their area and purchase merchandise on our site


Art Directors: Ashley Aviles, Hira Ali
Content Designer: Sarika Persaud
UX/UI: Lauren Steigerwald

The North Face
Teen Vogue
UN Women
Merchant's House
Ashley is an ✨Art Director✨