The Bloody

Animation, Kinetic Typography

I menstruate. As do: my sister, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, strangers. It's such a normal thing to deal with. So why is it still bad to talk about it?

Winner, Adobe Design Achievement Award
Winner, Creative Conscience Award
Finalist, Communication Arts Award
Winner, CT&D Time-Based Design Award
Featured, #IMPACT: The Future is Inclusive

01. The Language

Menstruation is a sensitive subject, so I made sure to be inclusive and respectful. In addition, the script addresses all people, not just those of us with periods or those grossed out by them.

02. Key Style Frames

I used a loud color palette. and plenty of textured imagery. Every style frame paints directly onto the last—mirroring the process of menstruation. Some key words: raw, uncomfortable, fluid.

What I Learned

I initially shied away from this idea and was ready to tackle another social problem. Matters changed. I no longer take my access to menstrual products for granted. Period poverty and poor menstruation education must be tackled with fierce passion. Not all people who have periods identify as women.

Over the summer I was invited to take over the CC Insta page. See the highlights below and head over to their page for more.

Animator: Ashley Aviles

My role: research, script, design, animation, voice over

Art Direction & Design