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Closing the pleasure gap with toys
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The sexual pleasure gap prevents women from enjoying themselves. This shouldn't be the case because sexual wellness is important for all parties.

Solution  De-stigmatize women's pleasure by empowering women to own their sex toys.
Team Project

01. The Vibrating Truth

Teen Vogue x Dame will partner with sex influencers to reveal "The Vibrating Truth", content that promotes sexual wellness with toys. The collaboration is revealed on social media.

02. Unboxing Myths Video Series

Next, our sex influencers will debunk common misconceptions about their toys and answer female sexual pleasure questions live on our channels.

03. Where's your toy? Challenge

We take to the streets to ask our audience where they hide their toys. All submitted photos with #MySpotMatters are then published on the Teen Vogue site and social platforms.

Art Director: Ashley Aviles
Content Designer: Sarika Persaud

My role: concept, art, copy

Art Direction & Design