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Covers ✧

Student sitting at desk in anime style

Playlist Covers

MUSIC (ongoing)

I'm a music lover and playlist curator. These are personal favorite covers for public playlists. Happy listening! And if you'd like me to design one for you, hit me up.

Skills: Visual Design

That was the radio I had growing up in the 2000s, so the design was inspired by it 🥹

Spent the 2023 holidays guessed it: Seattle.

Photo of me taken by @izaac_crayton after watching a night screening of Across the Spiderverse in Denver. Edited by me.

Suggested a collab playlist with coworkers, but I ended up adding the most songs lmao

Somebody at work asked me what music I liked so I made them a playlist.

Another trip to the West Coast with my siblings.


Designer: Me

💜 from Brooklyn

🐧 Designed by Me