North Face

Hiking for the future of the planet

In 2017, women made it clear that women's rights are human rights. This year, the focus of our protests is protection of the Earth. Onwards we hike!

Solution  The Women's Hike: a national event to combat climate change
Recognition   Merit - One Club Young Ones, HC - Creative Conscience UK
Team Project

01. The Women's Hike

In 2021, women will take to the trails of America's best national parks to combat climate change.

Along the trails, there will be plaques which highlight some of today's influential women and how they take a stance on climate change.

Influential Women Plaques

The main event will occur at Mt. Rushmore National Park, where hikers can use their phones to see the founding fathers change into pioneering women.

Ms. Rushmore

02. #TheWomensHike

Follow climate change ambassadors on social media with #TheWomensHike.

03. OOH

A mix of print and digital will make The Women's Hike hard to miss.

04. Event Microsite

Sign up for a hike, buy merchandise, donate to climate change efforts and watch the hike livestream.

Art Director: Ashley Aviles
UX, UI: 
Lauren Steigerwald
Content Designer: Sarika Persaud
Art Director:
Hira Ali

My role: concept, design, writing

Art Direction & Design