Creative Mode Explorations

I'm a cross-platform Minecraft player who enjoys creative mode. The following are just some screenshots of my builds. All structures are created by hand, no plug-in.
*Gamer tag upon request.

5-min builds

On 'The Hive' server, you're given 5 minutes to build something from the chosen category and then everyone votes on their favorites. The following are just some of my best ones and ones that won.

One Mine Place

Residential condominium design. Created from a mix of quartz and cyan terra-cotta blocks, this building boasts 4 unique views, and a variety of amenities including: 

Private dock
Garden & Entertainment space,
Pool & Rec Center,

Availability: Studios, 1BD, 2BD, 3BD & a 4BD PH

The Lighthouse

This multi-story underwater hostel is still under construction.

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Art Direction & Design