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As a MAIP 2020 Fellow, I've had the opportunity to connect with and learn from lots of talented people. Although not what we had in mind, it's been quite the journey from Selection Day.

What is Art Direction?

When I first applied to MAIP way back in September '19, I had no idea what to say about myself. In the end I spoke about where my love for creative storytelling came. Four essays, two projects and an interview later, I was a MAIP 2020 Fellow.

At the start of the program we were introduced to the advertising industry with a series of 101 videos. Different speakers explained the ins and outs of the field with helpful anecdotes, past work, and even personal timelines. We covered every position from copywriter to producer. Then our discipline training began. Over the course of 4 weeks, we learned how art directors create impactful concepts from the ground up. To sell an idea the deck should look good, haha.

It was truly helpful to connect many dots and learn from diverse industry professionals.

Collaboration during a pandemic

For 3 weeks we were briefed on Monday afternoon and expected to roll out a campaign by Friday evening. It was equally the most stressful and rewarding experience I've had the pleasure to do. Our group consisted of media planners, creative strategists, copywriters, art directors, and more. Because we all live in different areas across the country, we needed to coordinate endless Zoom calls.

While the assignments themselves were straightforward, the short time frame (piled onto our busy schedules) made it hard to fully concept and execute large scale ideas. However, our team strived and pushed on every day to make the most out of our skills.

If there's anything I got out of these projects, it's sheer admiration for all my team members. Everyone is unique, powerful, and just awesome. (One of the reasons I appreciate the industry is the level of collaboration)

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