Student sitting at desk in anime style

Slice of Life

IKEA US (2023)

This back to school season, we inspired college students to create space for themselves at home, in a dorm, or off-campus with the brand's first ever Ghibli-inspired anime shorts.

Press: Anime News Network, GameRant, Muse by Clio

EP 01 - Study Space
Rita looks for an uninterrupted place to study, avoiding family if she can.

EP 02 - Compromise
Jed and Darren have to figure out how to organize their interests and big personalities.

EP 03 - 4th Roommate
Luna the cat attempts to secure a nap spot.


Looping GIF of 4 anime character designs
Looping GIF of 3 character designs
Still graphic of a Q&A


Looping GIF of animated records filling a storage boxLooping GIF of an animated water can rocking back and forth
Looping GIF of an animated chair rolling back and forthLooping GIF of an animated shoe organizer popping under a black chair
Looping GIF of an animated blue bag rocking side to sideLooping GIF of an animated rolling cart
Looping GIF of a laptop screen turning on and off on deskLooping GIF of wall organizer rearranging itself
Looping GIF of anime catLooping GIF of an animated chair rolling back and forth
Looping GIF of rolling drawer movingLooping GIF of an animated lamp turning on and off on desk

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Art Director: Ashley Aviles
 Caleb York
Sr. Designer: Nel Sparkman
Creative Directors: Fanny Josefsson, Sho Matsuzaki
Animation Studio:
Agency: Ogilvy NY

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