Redesigning an iconic reference book
Branding, UX, UI

Britannica is never anyone’s first option for information. Their current design system is outdated and lacks personality. This rebranding and restructuring is meant to bring back their relevancy in the digital age of learning. Full Project Book

Client  The Encyclopædia Britannica
Solution  Fresh visual rebrand & enhanced learning experience

01. Fresh Logo

The new logo fuses together an owl and magnifying glass, two powerful symbols of knowledge. This word mark typeface remains clean throughout.

The logo can be placed over images as well as stand alone. For cropping, the main top half should be clearly visible.

02. Visual System

03. New Features

To minimize the clutter on the current website and app, we went for a straight search bar. The background image changes periodically to keep visitors & users engaged with the content.

Art Director: Ashley Aviles
UX, UI App: 
Lauren Steigerwald
UX, UI Desktop:
Hira Ali

My role: branding, logo, visual system, book

Art Direction & Design