Giving youth the power of speech
Experiential, digital

Young people are dismissed or mocked for expressing an opinion on issues that matter to them. There are a lot of issues that need addressing.

Solution  Create a speaking platform that drives meaningful change
Silver - Creative Conscience UK
Team Project

01. The BBC Booth

We repurposed the red telephone booths around university campuses across London. They become speaking booths for people to voice their frustrations.

How it works

Users step inside, select a subject they want to talk about and dial in. Once the light turns on the floor is theirs for as long as they need to speak their piece. All responses are anonymous.

02. BBC Sound Maps

The user generated content is visualized in real-time online. The more users contribute, the more The BBC will donate to response efforts.

Art Director: Ashley Aviles
Art Director: Hira Ali
UX/UI: Lauren Steigerwald, Angela Diep
Content Designer: Sarika Persaud

My role: concept, art, copy

Art Direction & Design